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With over two hundred podcast episodes to choose from, I have chosen a few of the most popular based on the number of downloads to get you started! Each episode stands on its own, however, from time to time I can’t help but refer to something we’ve learned in previous episodes.

Each week, on Monday morning, I post a new podcast.  If you subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher Radio, or follow in Spotify, every episode will download to your device for free (see below). Subscribers to my website automatically receive every episode delivered free via email along with weekly memory verse resources and instant access to periodic bonus resources.

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Podcast Episode #160: “Even If” by Mercy Met

We can hide behind convenient truth when things are swell, but when our feet are to the fire the deep truth tends to come out. Will we be willing to log years of faithfulness such that our circumstances no longer define God’s ability or position in our minds? This song leads us to the book of Daniel where we learn deep truth from three friends in captivity in a foreign land.


Podcast Episode #115: “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott

This song leads us to the story of Hagar in the book of Genesis. We often seek to know “why” we experience difficult seasons of life. Sometimes we even blame someone or something as if it makes it all better. I use this song to introduce us to Hagar, who had to do a little submitting to God’s will herself.



Acts-4-13-squarePodcast Episode #38: “Just Say Jesus” by 7eventh Time Down

This song leads us to Acts 4 where the apostles accomplished great things in the name of Jesus. We have the authority of God Himself when we act in the name of Jesus. The enemy is still using the same tactic as the Jewish leaders in Acts 4 when he tries to limit the use of the name of Jesus, thereby limiting its influence. So let’s join in with 7eventh Time Down and “Just Say Jesus” in our circumstances.


Psalm-18-30-squarePodcast Episode #90: “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin

On this episode, you will be guided through an exercise to answer for yourself, “What makes God MY good, good, Father?” Then we jump into Psalm 18 and discover many amazing characteristics of God that we can incorporate into our daily prayer, praise and gratitude for our Heavenly Father.



Matthew-6-33-squarePodcast Episode #63: “First” by Lauren Daigle

Putting first things first is a solid habit in life. Did you know this habit started with God? This episode leads us to understand how important “first” is to God. Brothers Cain and Abel in Genesis 4 give us a great example of “giving some” versus “giving the best of our first.” On this episode I give practical tips on giving the “best of our first” as it relates to our commitment to God’s Word.