Podcast #153: “King Of The World” by Natalie Grant

Praising Through Psalm 47

How often have I tried to squeeze God into the smallest of boxes? One way to take Him out in our own minds is to fixate on His greatness. Natalie Grant’s song “King Of The World” points us to Scripture where we can be reminded of God’s greatness.

This week I hope to lead you through exercises that will keep God’s position in perspective.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #127: “Clean” by Natalie Grant

Washing for Restoration in 2 Kings 5

We all have hidden places in us that seem “too dirty” to bring into the light. God’s Word washes us to make us holy in His sight. Unfortunately, we avoid the very solution that can bring cleansing and healing, oftentimes because we expected a different solution.


Naaman was like this, and we read about him in 2 Kings 5. Head with me over there this week!

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #93: “Be One” by Natalie Grant

Meditating on Deborah's Story in Judges 4 & 5

The message of this week’s song, “Be One” by Natalie Grant, challenges us to be a miracle in the lives of others. Instead of pointing our fingers at others and saying, “I need,” we should raise our hands and say, “I will!” Deborah, in the Book of Judges was this type of person. What can we learn from her story?


Also, Deborah’s story ends in a song. I always love that!

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #54: “Hurricane” by Natalie Grant & Matthew 14

Perspective. When you change it, you can see the familiar in a whole new light. That is what this week’s song, “Hurricane” by Natalie Grant, did for me as I listened to it and pondered the lyrics while exploring in God’s Word.



Spoiler alert! Sometimes God calls you to journey out into the middle of the storm instead of calming it.

On this episode I discuss:

  • Getting up close and personal with Natalie Grant recently
  • Avoiding the “checklist mentality” when it comes to your time in God’s Word
  • Using perspective (and specifically a change in perspective) as a Bible interaction tool
  • Reading Matthew 14:22-33 from the perspective of Jesus
  • Jesus walked TOWARD the disciples in the midst of their storm
  • Jesus didn’t hesitate to grab a hold of Peter


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If you have never heard this song before, you can watch the official lyric video on YouTube below.


Additional Resources

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This Week’s Challenge

Wherever you are reading in God’s Word right now, look for a new angle or a new perspective and focus on those details. If you need inspiration for where to start, pick up in Matthew chapter 13 and read all the way through chapter 15 like I’ve been discussing today.

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