Podcast #190: “Word of Life” by Jeremy Camp

Observing, Reflecting, and Responding to God's Word in Psalm 119

God’s Word challenges and convicts, reveals and comforts. It is an amazing privilege to have access to the words God has preserved for us. Jeremy Camp’s song, “Word of Life,” sings of effects God’s Word can have on our lives. Our efforts this week can bring that impact to life.

Join me as we follow a repeatable pattern to interact with God’s Word.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #129: “Christ In Me” by Jeremy Camp

Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus in Hebrews 12

In this season of the Olympics it is only appropriate to explore an athletic topic as a metaphor to our faith. I heard a returning Olympic athlete say that the medal he received four years ago, while wonderful, was the “wrong color.” For this athlete, gold is his standard. Jeremy Camp sings about another high standard in his song, “Christ In Me.”


Join me in exploring Hebrews 12 as we commit to running the race set before us with our eye on the prize. Finishing strong is the only option.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #36: He Knows by Jeremy Camp & I Samuel 1

The wound is deep and beyond your control. You’re tempted to blame God, but then again, He is the only One you can turn to…He is the only One who truly KNOWS. This week’s song, “He Knows” by Jeremy Camp reflects this and leads us straight to Scripture and Hannah’s story in 1 Samuel chapter one.


I hope this story will draw you into God’s Word in a way that invigorates and comforts your soul.

On this week’s episode I discuss:


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If you have never heard this song before, you can watch the official lyric video on YouTube below.

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This Week’s Challenge

Spend time in 1 Samuel this week. Familiarize yourself with Hannah’s story and prayer and maybe, just maybe, get lost in the story and keep on reading. Don’t be so analytical this week. Read and keep on reading to see big picture ideas that you miss when reading small sections at a time.

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