Podcast #222: “He Still Does” by Hawk Nelson

Uncovering a Miracle in 2 Chronicles 20

We all want the miracle, but are we willing to do our part? Are we willing to seek Him? Are we willing to walk in God’s ways? Hawk Nelson reminds us that God is in the miracle business through their song “He Still Does.” King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah experienced an amazing miracle one morning in the desert.

The Lord was with King Jehoshaphat — join me as we explore why.

On this week’s episode I discuss:

Podcast #136: “Live Like You’re Loved” by Hawk Nelson

An Example of Living Loved Through the Life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50

There is something that happens when you begin to understand that you are fully loved by God. But it is an entirely different process to start LIVING loved. Hawk Nelson’s song, “Live Like You’re Loved,” sent me on a journey through a good portion of Genesis to examine the life of a man who gives us an example of living loved.


Get lost in the story of Joseph with me this week. I hope it will challenge you as much as it has challenged me.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #126: “Diamonds” by Hawk Nelson

Reviewing the Refining Process

Is it possible to be grateful for pain? It’s all about perspective. We are all willing to endure pain if we believe the final result to be worth it. Hawk Nelson’s song, “Diamonds,” has me thinking about the refining process. This song, and the Scripture we uncover on this episode, may be the revelation you need to make it through whatever fiery trial you are enduring.


Stick with me and you will see that God has a “place of abundance” for you on the other side of this refining.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #58: “Drops In The Ocean” by Hawk Nelson & Romans 8

Do you have a list of reasons in your mind why you think God is not FOR you? Well, God has his own list of reasons to prove He IS for you found in Romans chapter 8. That is right where Hawk Nelson’s song, “Drops In The Ocean,” leads us this week. Along with a sneak peek at one of the disciples of Christ.


God’s Word is an adventure! Accept the challenge of the quest for understanding!

On this episode I discuss:

  • Why my daughter, Emily, picked this song for the podcast
  • Story behind the song video
  • Where in the Word it tells us that God is FOR us (like the lyrics say) – Romans 8:31
  • Using our curiosity to send us to explore the context (verses before and after) around a verse you are studying
  • Thinking critically about what we are reading and giving ourselves mental margin to process what we are learning
  • The “wonderful things” Paul is talking about as his justification of his statement that God is for us – Romans 8:18-30
  • Who can be against us? NO ONE! – Romans 8:31-34
  • A sneak peek at the Apostle Thomas and a new insight as to why he asked to see Jesus’ hands and side – John 20:19-23
  • Christ’s response to Thomas and to us – John 20:26-29


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If you have never heard this song before, you can watch the official lyric video on YouTube below.


Additional Resources

Download the single or the entire album by clicking the links below


This Week’s Challenge

Read Romans 8 this week. Read it several times in several versions. Slow down and absorb what God has said here for yourself! There are so many rich truths, you will surely reap the reward of your investment.

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Podcast Episode #6: Words and Luke 6:45

With Hawk Nelson’s song titled, “Words”, you would think this week’s episode would be about words.  As it turns out, it all leads back to the heart.  Luke 6:45 sheds a light on why…


There is no overnight fix, but God’s Word has transforming power as you’ll see in this week’s episode!

On this episode I discuss: