Podcast #254: “Red Letters” by Crowder

The red letters in our Bibles highlight the words of Christ. In Crowder’s new song “Red Letters” he sings of the power of those words to change our hearts as the Holy Spirit breathes life into our spiritually dead bodies.

There are some pretty big ideas woven into this song. Let’s explore the Scriptural basis together.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #213: “All My Hope” by Crowder

Inspecting our Living Hope in 1 Peter 1

Exaggerated claims abound these days. You can’t turn on the news for a few minutes without hearing overstatements on all sides…and don’t get me started about “teenager-speak.” Crowder in his song, “All My Hope,” asks us to sing along with quite a claim…the claim that ALL our hope is in Jesus. This week we explore whether or not we place ALL our hope in Jesus. We also consider just what kind of hope we’ve been given.

You will be encouraged and challenged as we consider our living hope and where it asks us to fix our eyes.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #178: “Forgiven” by Crowder

Scrutinizing the Forgiven in Luke 23

The Bible is rich with characters we can identify with. While individually we are unique, as a human race we often struggle with similar sins and responses. I am encouraged by the words of Crowder’s song “Forgiven,” and am even more encouraged by the truths in Scripture it leads us to examine.

There is not a sin you struggle with that has not beset many before you. In spite of our ability to sin in all sorts of ways with great regularity we stand FORGIVEN.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #125: “Run Devil Run” by Crowder

Suiting up for Battle in Ephesians 6

I’m sick and tired of being a prisoner of war. I’m ready to send my enemy running for the hills, aren’t you? Crowder, in his new song “Run Devil Run,” inspired me to create a strategy against the devil. It’s all laid out for us in Scripture.


It’s time to get serious about our strategy against a very real enemy. Are you ready?

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #61: “Come As You Are” by Crowder & Luke 15

As a culture we are not good at reality. We are good at hiding it, faking it, denying and escaping it, but good ole’ reality…we’re not so good at. This week’s song, “Come As You Are” by Crowder forced me to evaluate my own reality and reminded me of a lesson I learned recently.


Of course, it also sent me searching through Scripture where we meet a hopeless fellow often referred to as “The Prodigal Son”.

On this episode I discuss:

  • A story about an artist and a beggar
  • It’s okay NOT to be okay
  • Necessary Endings” by Dr. Henry Cloud
  • Awareness of hopelessness is what finally causes people to wake up, realize that an ending must occur and finally feel energized to do it
  • The Lost Son and how he had to get to the place of hopelessness in order to make a change and return to his father – Luke 15:11-32