Podcast #157: “Live It Well” by Switchfoot

Poring Over Psalm 90

Perspective. I sure need more of it. How about you? I need more perspective when I’m impatiently waiting in line at the grocery store, when I get cut off in traffic, or when I get a snarky email or social media comment from a friend. Moses had a unique perspective because of his intimate relationship with God and his front row seat to the demise of an entire generation of people. Switchfoot’s song, “Live It Well,” not only reminds us that life is short, but¬†encourages us to live it well.

Moses encourages the same in Psalm 90. Are you ready to jump in the deep end this week?

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Podcast #143: “One True God” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Unearthing Truth in Jesus' Prayer in John 17

If you knew that the next prayer you prayed aloud over a loved would be one of your last, would you pray for blessings and safety? Or would you fill your prayer with substance? Not for God’s benefit, but for the benefit of the loved one listening to your prayer on their behalf? Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, “One True God” points directly at God, and so does the prayer of Jesus in John 17.


Join me as we spend some time in this prayer…one of Christ’s last prayers while in a suit of flesh here on earth.

On this episode I discuss:

Podcast #121: “If We’re Honest” by Francesca Battistelli

Confessions in James 5 and Principles in Matthew 18

Chances are that even today you have had an experience with relationships that fills you or drains you. We can be filled up by people we’ve never met in person in a private Facebook group and drained with merely a look by those closest to us. Because of the unpredictability of others, we often build up walls that keep us from truth and freedom that God has for us through others. Francesca Battistelli’s song “If We’re Honest” opens up that discussion for us as we seek truths in Scripture that will help us experience relationships like we never have before.


God’s Word holds truths and principles that we can follow to unlock a beauty in relationships that may still be hidden from view.

On this episode I discuss: