Podcast #33: Live With Abandon by Newsboys, Ecclesiastes & Mark 10:28

Do you ever get lost in God’s Word? I’m not talking about when you can’t find your way, but rather when you are exploring so intently that you look up and realize you’ve spent way more time than you realized in the Bible and it wasn’t even a chore! This week’s song, Live With Abandon by Newsboys, inspired me to take a journey that I share with you that I hope will lead you deep into God’s Word…maybe you’ll even get lost in it with me!


Don’t worry, I’ll be your guide. It will be fun! Let’s jump in together with abandon…not counting the costs!

On this week’s episode I discuss:


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If you have never heard this song before, you can watch the official music video on YouTube below.

Additional Resources

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This Week’s Challenge

Search for the 8 references to “like chasing the wind” found in Ecclesiastes. Write down the verse references and then read the context around those verses to discover what “the teacher” uses to compare to that phrase. Then write down how you think that might apply to life today. Perhaps reference a situation in your own life when your life fit that description (maybe it even fits today).

If you want to know more about the presumed author of Ecclesiastes, you can read Solomon’s story beginning in 1 Kings.

To explore the catalyst verse for Oswald Chambers’ article on Abandonment, read and ponder Mark 10:17-31.


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  • Hi Michelle,
    Glad you are looking into Ecclesiastes but find it unfortunate that you are looking at it only through the incorrect traditions that have kept the message of the book hidden for so long. The book has so much to offer us but when it is only seen as a book written by Solomon in his old age after he fell away from God it cannot speak to us. It just becomes a proof text for other ideas. They may even be good ideas, but they are not what Kohelet was seeking to teach us.
    All the best as you continue to study.

    Vance – http://www.artofwork.ca

    • Vance,
      Thanks for the feedback! Interestingly, in this episode I focused on the study tool of identifying repetition in Scripture and found that the phrase in our song that says “chasing after this world” reminded me of “chasing after the wind”, which to my surprise was mentioned 8 times in Ecclesiastes. I didn’t even venture to make any conclusions or interpretations about the use of the phrase other than to encourage the listener to pursue reading the text for themselves.

      However, your comment has caused me to research even more to deepen my understanding of this area of Scripture. I am no scholar, but I do love to learn…especially about God’s Word. Thanks for inspiring me to seek greater understanding. I hope through my podcast I offer the same to you.

      • Hi Michelle,
        What I liked about your podcast is that you came across as someone looking to learn rather than most who post on Ecclesiastes and get dogmatic on things that are not even in the book. I don’t think you will find much help in pursuing more study of what others say about the book as we are coming out of about 200 years of bad writing on Ecclesiastes. There really isn’t much out there that clearly reveals the book. A lot of it gets stuck on the word “meaningless” (a word that does not even fit Kohelet’s theme). I would suggest spending time just reading Kohelet and letting him become part of your life.
        Feel free to email me your mailing address and I will pass along a little book of my translation that may be helpful. You can find my email at http://www.artofwork.ca