Podcast #24: Born For This by Mandisa and The Book of Esther

Esther is a book in God’s Word full of compelling characters, tough decisions, God’s favor and ultimate deliverance. “Born For This”, sung by Mandisa gives us a perfect compliment to what we will read in this story.



The song helps the story come alive and will assist you as you meditate on it, consider what God will reveal about Himself, and how that revelation should change you!

On this episode I discuss:

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If you have never heard this song before, you can watch the official lyric video on YouTube below.

Additional Resources

    •  Download the single or the entire album from Amazon – click below


    •  The Story by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee



This Week’s Challenge

Read the Book of Esther. Consider the big story that God is revealing about Himself through the story. Then consider the historical context of the story. Then consider the overall meaning of the story. THEN ask how it should change you.

Key Questions:

  1. What does this story teach me about God?
  2. How does what I have learned about God change my view of myself?
  3. What should I do in response to this knowledge?

Consider journaling the answers to these questions this week.

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