Podcast #101: “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North

Plunging Into Jacob's Story in Genesis 28

Hearing the stories of others can give us hope and encouragement in our own struggles. This week’s song, “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North, puts into words what many of us are feeling in our own wearying circumstances. This week we meet up with Jacob in the book of Genesis. I start to feel worn just recapping his life’s journey!

Genesis 28 16 square

Let’s see what we can learn from Jacob’s encounter with God.

On this episode I discuss:


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If you have never heard this song before, you can hear the official audio version on YouTube below.

Additional Resources

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This Week’s Challenge

Put this week’s Bible Interaction Tool Exercise into practice and read all about Jacob in Genesis 25-35. It’s a chance for you to take ownership of your own faith and see an example of redemption winning.

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  • Steph

    I listened to your podcast for the first time today and this literally brought me to my knees. I’ve always loved Tenth Avenue North as they have roots in my area and this song has spoken to me for so many reasons – strife with my own brother, challenges of a special needs newborn son, and just life. Thanks for putting even more power to Gods word in the music I enjoy! You are a blessing!

    • Steph-
      Thank you for reaching out! Music is so powerful, but I think you will find it all so much more meaningful when you connect the power of God’s Word to what already moved you. I’m feeling a little worn by “just life” right now, too. I need to be reminded that God is right there with me…even if I didn’t realize it.

      • Steph

        Amen, Michelle, Amen. I couldn’t agree more which is why I will be looking forward and listening to your podcasts weekly. I’ll pray that both of us remember that God is always by our side 🙂

  • Melissa P Porter

    Steph, just like you, I’ve stumbled on Michelle’s podcast and now, website. I’ve signed up and just now confirmed my subscription.
    I was driving home, from taking kids to school and heard Meredith Anderew’s song “Soar”. I’ve not heard this song, so I went to ITunes and entered the word and was led to this podcast. I listened ( and enjoyed) and so, as I prepare to get into my own studies ( finishing my degree, graduating this May) and began listening to this specific subject of Worn.

    I am worn…not because I am a mother of six and wife to a new husband and a full time college student. I’m worn, because of the lack of girlfriends, that love Christ and have a desire to know Him more and more. I’m worn, because for months now, I go to my church family and look forward to fellowshiping, worshipping and praising with the spiritual family, that God provided me. I’m worn….because the clicks seem to be so tight ( I’m NOT a 20-30 something, mother of young children nor am I long time resident of this area, nor am I a Sr.Saint). I’ve struggled for 10 years, to find a way into the “group”. At times, I”m ok with entering the church building and talking only pleasantries but lately, I’m worn…to sit by myself, in the midst of these intimate, tightly woven groups. I listen to their conversations, step in to the discussion from time to time, only to feel a sense of regret for doing so.
    Let me say… I AM a 51 year old, with 6 kids. Have spent the last 9 years as a widow, living in Kentucky, far away from my extended family/friends ( DE/PA states). God has placed in me a desire to know Him and pursue Him. I am leading my children by His example. I am loved by Him, forgiven by Him and have the full assurance that one day… ONE GLORIOUS day, I’ll be face to face with my great and glorious God!
    In the mean time….I long for women to share with. I am thwarting Satan’s lies with God’s promises and know He hears my pleas. So, just to be understood…..I am not depressed, or suffer from low esteem. But as the lyrics go….
    My prayers are wearing thin

    Yeah, I’m worn

    Even before the day begins

    Yeah, I’m worn

    I’ve lost my will to fight

    I’m worn

    So, heaven come and flood my eyes
    This is how I have been feeling…..Thankful for even typing all this out, Thankful for stumbling on this site and podcast ( did I really stumble?? I think not!) and thankful that in music, I can express to my Creator, with song, praise, fear and trembling… I can shed my burdens and blow them to the wind! …..I know with everything you’re with me

    I know you’re working as I wait

    Lift me up on wings like eagles

    To soar

    • My dear Melissa,
      I truly wish I could call you up for coffee. Talking about Jesus over java is the best! How brave you are to put into words the deepest desire of your heart. There are times when we rehearse our sorrows, but there are times when we just stuff them into the corners of our being and never really pull them out and say what they are. I know this…God cares about your desire for genuine girl friends. I know this because God’s Word clearly tells me…he cares for you. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to Him.
      I’m going to join you in trusting our loving God who cares about you to provide miraculously in this area. Surely the Lord is in the place…even this hard place…and you didn’t even know it.

      • Melissa P Porter

        You know God hears your heart, when you read this reply ( yours Michelle–thank you) and another Godly woman’s podcast…..that addresses the very thing I’ve been struggling with. ( http://www.momstrugglingwell.com/podcast Jan 31st). God is good all the time, All the time, God is good!!

    • Steph

      Melissa, You definitely are brave in sharing your honest emotions and giving it all to God. I love your realization that you didn’t stumble upon the podcast as everything in our lives is from God and He doesn’t make mistakes, sometimes (often?) we just don’t listen.
      I feel led to tell you that if Natalie Grant or the Dare to Be Tour ever comes to your area, I highly recommend that as I just attended and it was so powerful and empowering!
      There are people out there who feel just like you but may not be able to put it into words and may not even realize it. Keep searching and God will show them to you and you WILL be lifted up.